PH Electrode Glass (Suitable for 5 point cal)


Galaxy PE-5 PH Electrode glass is a combination electrode for measuring ph in solutions. This electrode is especially developed for accurate readings over the entire range of ph spectrum. It is suitable for 5 point ph calibration.
Compatible: PH-100, PH-550, GMP-30, A-120 and any brand PH meter with BNC socket

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PE-5 PH Electrode Glass (1 pc), PE-5 PH Electrode Glass (Pack of 10 pcs)


Range: 0 to 14 pH
Temp. Range: 0 to 100°C
Reference: AgCl
Body: Glass
Connector: BNC
Calibration Points: Up to 5 points
Response Time: < 10 seconds (in ideal conditions) Dimensions: 12(⌀) x 150(L) mm


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