Printer for Weighing Scale


TX-110 is the best printer for weighing scales. This device is a dot matrix based printer with ability to print date, time, sample name, id, editable title, editable tail. All these function with addition to authority management makes it a favorite among lab users.

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• 128×64 OLED Display
• Data & Time (in-built clock)
• Weighing Mode, Statistical Mode
• Sum mode, mean mode & formulation mode
• Sample name & ID input
• Authority Management
• Periodic printing & Editable title & tail
• Sample name and batch number can be inputted and printed.
• Printing method: Impact dot
• Inking: Ink ribbon: EPSON ERC-22 or ERC-09
• Printing format: 24 digits/line
• Character size: 1.7x 2.6 mm
• Paper: Regular 57.5mm width
• Interface: RS-232C
• Power Source: DC 12V (1.5A)
• Gross weight: 500g approx.

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