Digital Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer
(Ceramic Top)


Galaxy MS-300C is a ceramic top version of the traditional MS-300. It has all the common features such as microprocessor control, timer, digital heating, upto 1250 RPM speed, automatic temperature control.

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• CERAMIC TOP: Ceramic top prevents damage to surface from acidic material & provides a longer life to the instrument.
• MICROPROCESSOR CONTROL: Operated by a digital control CUP. The CPU regulates the heating up to 300°C
•DIGITAL SPEED CONTROL: Stirring speed is also controlled by the CPU from the keyboard while the stirring  speed is indicated on the bar graph.
•PROGRAMABLE: Operator can setup the objective temperature, hold temperature, stirring time and speed.
•AUTOMATIC TEMPERATURE CONTROL: Connect the temperature probe and place into glass container being stirred to measure and maintain the object temperature. Accuracy is ± 1°C.

• Stir Bar
• Temperature Probe
• Instruction Manual



Model MS-300C
Make Galaxy
Display LCD
Max. Volume (ml) 2000
Speed (RPM) 1250 RPM
Speed Display Style Graph (Not numeric value)
Top Plate Size 135 x 135 mm
Plate Material Ceramic
Max. Temp. (Plate surface) ±1°C ( <100°C) ± 3° C (<300°C)
Temp. Accuracy 0~50°C, Automatic
Timer 999 Minutes
Power Supply AC 220V / 50 Hz
Dimensions & Weight 230 x 180 x 120 & 2.6 kgs



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