High Speed Micro Centrifuge Machine


Galaxy MCX-15 is a powerful High Speed Micro Centrifuge Machine designed for functionality & safety. It’s brushless motor, door interlock, over-speed detection, strong braking makes it a winner in all fronts.

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• Powerful centrifugal force of 15100 x g and Max. speed of 15000rpm
• Dedicated 3D digital wheels to adjust speed and time
• Programmable operation can store up to 10 programs
• Motor-driven lid locking system for high safety and reliability
• Heavy base eliminates vibration and movement when running
• High speed accuracy of ±20rpm
• PULSE offers quick spins
• Large LED display for easy reading
• Fast acceleration and braking system
• Comes with Aluminum rotor with rotor capacity: 1.5/2.0/0.2/0.5mL x 12
• Explosion-proof and fully enclosed strong inner steel structure for full protection
• Metal Rotor




Model MCX-15
Make Galaxy
Speed Range 500~15000 RPM
Speed Increament 100 RPM
Max. RCF (x g) 15100, increment: 100
Speed Accuracy ±20
Rotor Capacity 0.2ml/0.5ml/1.5ml/ 2ml×12
Timer Timer: 30s~99 min
Motor Brushless DC Motor
Safety Features Noise Door interlock, Over-speed detection, Over-temperature detection, Automatic internal diagnosis
Acceleration/Brake Time Acceleration: 30s, Braking:10s
Power Supply AC 220V / 50Hz
Dimension 256 x 225 x 155 mm & 6 kg
Weight 6 kgs


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