Professional Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner 10 Liters


Experience professional-grade cleaning with the Galaxy UC-10P Ultrasonic Cleaner Bath. With a 10-liter capacity, stainless steel construction, and high-performance features like temperature control, industrial transducers and low water cut-off, it’s the ideal choice for demanding applications.

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The Galaxy UC-10P Ultrasonic Bath is the epitome of professional-grade cleaning solutions. With a 10-liter capacity and built for durability, its inner tank, made from 1.5mm thick stainless steel, ensures reliability even in demanding applications.

The outer body, also constructed from stainless steel, offers robust protection and is complemented by features that set it apart. A low water cut-off protection feature ensures the safety of the unit, preventing damage from insufficient water levels.

Temperature and timer functions grant precise control over the cleaning process. Sporting ceramic heaters, it provides high efficiency and consistent performance. A drainage and cooling fan system further enhances usability.

The UC-10P’s industrial-grade transducers offer a powerful ultrasonic cleaning experience. This model stands out for its capacity to operate continuously for 99 minutes, catering to applications demanding extended operation. After 99 minutes, a 15-minute rest time is required before resuming use.

The UC-10P is equipped with 1000W heating power and 420W ultrasonic power, ensuring efficient and thorough cleaning. The LED display showcases a wide temperature range, with a maximum heating temperature of 80°C, and a 40 kHz ultrasonic frequency for optimal results.

For those seeking a dependable and high-performance ultrasonic bath, the Galaxy UC-10P is the ultimate choice, backed by a sturdy build and advanced features to meet your professional cleaning needs.


Specification Details
Model UC-10P
Make Galaxy
Theoretical Capacity 10 Litre
Actual Water Filling 8 Litre
Tank Size (mm) 300 x 240 x 150
Overall Size (mm) 330 x 270 x 310
Ultrasonic Power 420 W
Heating Power 1000 W
Tank, Body, Lid Material Stainless Steel 304
Time Setting 1 to 99 mins / Always On
Heating Temp. Ambient to 80°C
Display & Ultrasonic Frequency LED Display, 40 kHz
Power Supply 220v / 50 Hz
Weight 9 kg


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