Advanced Moisture Analyzer


Galaxy MB-60 is an advanced moisture analyzer for professional use. It’s weighing mechanism is electro-magnetic based which results in high accuracy & perfect results. It is highly recommended for dry samples.

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Galaxy MB-60 Advanced Halogen Moisture Balance works on the principle of Loss on Drying (LOD). It sports an EMFC sensor and high quality halogen system. This combination helps the machine deliver fast & precise results. It is suitable for most forms of samples such as powders, particles, pastes or even liquids.

MB60’s halogen heating system distributes heat uniformly over the sample and speeds up the drying process; delivering fast and precise measurements.

• Based on E.M.F.C Technology
• High accuracy for very dry samples
• Halogen heating system
• Automatically displays the percentage of moisture
• Displays moisture %, heating time &
heating temperature
• Smart heating, prevents overheating. Regulates the voltage of halogen lamp so that temperature does not overshoot the set  temperature

Are you using a weighing balance and an oven ?
Now no need to wait for long periods of time for the moisture to evaporate in an oven. You can directly use MB-60 moisture balance to calculate moisture in your samples. It not only saves time, but also removes the possible human error in weighing & transferring samples to oven & back on weighing machine.



Model MB-60
Make Galaxy
Moisture Range 0 ~ 100%
Moisture Resolution & Accuracy R:0.001%, A: ±0.05%
Capacity 60 g
Readability 0.0001 g (0.1 mg)
Repeatability ± 0.005 g
Suggested minimum sample 5 g
Pan size Ø 90 mm
Sensor Elecro-magnetic (EMFC)
Operating Temperature 10 to 40°C
Heating Source Halogen Lamp
Temp. Setting Range 60 to 200°C (Interval=1°C)
Time Setting 1 to 99 mins (Interval=1 min)
Power Supply AC 220V / 50 Hz
Dimensions & Weight 330 × 200 × 155 mm & 6.5 kg


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